Alodia Hair Care Focuses on Natural Products

A personal hair journey, which began several years ago for Dr. Isfahan Chambers-Harris led her to start the latest and one of the most innovative healthy hair solution systems for natural hair growth.

Chambers-Harris, who earned a bachelor of science degree in biology and a Ph.D. in bio-medical sciences at the Cardiovascular Research Institute at Morehouse School of Medicine, says her Bowie-based Alodia Hair Care business possesses a carefully created line of quality, scientifically proven, hair care products that are made with natural ingredients and cater to the essential needs of hair.


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Chambers-Harris performing a hair and scalp consultation as a Certified Hair Practitioner of Trichology (International Association of Trichology Certified)

“More importantly, it caters to the needs of your scalp to encourage and induce the growth of healthier, more beautiful tresses,” said Chambers-Harris, who also holds a Masters of Public Health degree and became a Presidential STEM Fellow at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda in 2014.

For years, Chambers-Harris says she battled hair breakage and scalp damage from chemical straighteners. Desperate for a solution, she used her science and chemistry background to create her first product, an all-natural hair and scalp oil.

“After using it for a couple of months, I was so inspired by my hair results and I decided to pursue my passion which always has been to create a hair care line,” she said. “For three years, I worked to meticulously design a full line of high quality products made with natural ingredients.”

Among the various products featured at Alodia are moisturize and define curling cream gel; moisturize and protect heat style cream; and a nourish and grow healthy hair and scalp oil.


Chambers-Harris and her husband Dr. Rashad Dupree-Harris (M.D.) with their children four-year-old twins Ezra and Landon.

After speaking with many women about their hair care needs, Chambers-Harris said she discovered that many were confused and overwhelmed when it came to selecting products for their hair care regimens.

She created four style kits, which contains three to four products and a step by step guide streamlining the wash, condition, moisturize and style process, taking the guesswork out of having healthy hair. By providing high-quality products made with natural ingredients and offering simple to use style kits, Alodia is well on its way to achieving its mission of helping women around the world “Learn, Love and Grow” their hair, Chambers-Harris said.

“The ingredients in every single product is infused with peppermint oil, lavender, Aloe Vera juice, honey, marula oil, avocado oil and other quality all-natural ingredients, that have been proven to moisturize and strengthen your hair strands and nourish your scalp to allow for healthy hair growth,” she said.

Like many who start their own business, Chambers-Harris said there have been challenges. Some remain.

“One of the biggest challenges to running my business is overcoming the fear of failure. However, one of my favorite quotes is ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway,’” she said.

“What really helps me to overcome these feelings [is] prayer [and] I’ve also learned to follow my intuition, that gut feeling that something is right or not quite, right. My husband and my family are truly my backbone; I can talk to them about anything and know that I will get sound advice and encouragement. ”

As a woman of color and a mother, Chambers-Harris said experience has been the great equalizer and a pretty good teacher.

“I can speak from experience that learning and loving our hair as it naturally grows from our scalps isn’t an idea that is universally embraced or accepted. As a result, we tend to not understand what our hair needs which leads to breakage and damage, resulting in little to no growth,” she said. “As a mother, it is extremely important to me to create a brand that is full of integrity; that’s honest and that’s committed to creating high quality products with natural ingredients that people can trust for themselves and their families.”