'Vision+Strategy Brunch' series supports women's personal goals

Every woman and every person she's connected to deserves a life that is fulfilling, full of love, purposeful and full of abundance.


Courtesy/Jerri Marie Clark Photography

Cassandra N. Vincent, Creator of the Vision+Strategy Brunch series addresses March 2017 attendees.

Why shouldn't we live an excellent and exciting life filled with the people and experiences we absolutely love? What normally keeps us from these dreams are defined in our daily practice, lack of personal vision, and strong belief that we deserve to experience life bountifully -- limiting mindsets.

Living a fully liberated and purpose filled life is not exclusive to one group of people, or only for certain people or personality types over the other. We truly determine the life, careers, love, adventures, and experiences we want in our lives.

Outside of circumstances, we are born into, the day we recognize that we want different or desire change is the day we decide the direction of our lives. Every day is an opportunity to decide and create a life worth living. Personal vision, a growth mindset, and great strategy are essentials for realizing the life and success we define as our personal goal.

-Cassandra N. Vincent, Creator of The Vision+Strategy Brunch

Last month women gathered in Baltimore to learn, connect, and grow together over brunch, networking, and many memorable moments. This was not just brunch, but an intentional gathering of women for the purpose of encouraging personal growth. The Vision+Strategy Brunch, curated by Baltimore native and businesswoman, Cassandra N. Vincent is a brunch series created where women are highly encouraged to connect with one another and share ways to live their most purposeful and fulfilled lives.


Courtesy/Jerri Marie Clark Photography

(L-R) Orlett Haskett-Torrance, Olesha Haskett, and Shivar Stewart attend March 2017 Vision+Strategy Brunch.

For many of the women, networking, entrepreneurship, ownership, and discovering their life's purpose are at the top of their lists for attending the Vision+Strategy Brunch (VSB), which was established in 2016. Vincent created the brunch gathering with the mission to empower and inspire women to define their success based on the idea that each woman was divinely created for a great purpose. With changing economies, the increase in the number of women pursuing entrepreneurship, and the future of learning drastically changing -- personal growth and development opportunities in various forums are sought after.

By definition, personal growth 'covers the activities involved in improving awareness and identity, talent development, building human capital and facilitation of employability, and enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.' The Vision+Strategy Brunch held on Saturday, March 25, 2017, hosted women from as far as New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, as well as the Washington, D.C. and Maryland area.

Learning and growth opportunities among women are in demand, particularly African-American women [the fastest growing group of business owners and entrepreneurs growing more than 322% since 1997, according to a June 2015 Fortune article.] The Vision+Strategy Brunch (VSB) series is designed to answer the demand by providing a space where women are empowered with knowledge to support their individual goals. The VSB gathering featured a networking session, empowerment talks, and a panel of women who shared their passion and the tools used to live purpose driven life.