Sunday Night Football Bus Makes Special Stop In Baltimore

The SNF Bus endeavors to provide interactive, first-hand experience for fans and visitors, with features including: a display monitor presenting premium NFL video and footage; an “On Her Turf” selfie mirror; an Interactive Players Wall showing fans how they fare against their favorite players; a map highlighting the SNF’s route and 17 tour stops, a Player of the Game wall display; a few redesigned NFL lockers enhanced with player name plates and team gloves; a “football wall”; and several other aspects to give children, parents, fans, tourists and others an indelible SNF Tour Bus encounter.

Sounds of glee and joy permeated throughout the recreation center as the children enjoyed a day off from school to participate in numerous activities some of them may not have been exposed to before.

Kaitlin Keefer, the education and STEM director of the Boys & Girls Club at the Kendricks Recreation Center location, believed the event had a profound impact based on feedback from the youth.

“I thought it was amazing,” said Keefer of the event. “There were several kids today that said that today was the funnest day they’ve ever had, that it was the greatest day they’ve had in a long time. They loved it.”