Maryland House Speaker Michael Busch's Final Thoughts, In His Last Days, In His Own Words

The forgone thumbnail of Michael Erin Busch’s career is gleaned from an examination of the available public record. However, a more revealing insight into Busch— the man, the person— requires a glimpse at his Twitter feed during the last 90 days of his life.

Speaking to everyone and no one in particular, these are random, honest, candid thoughts, observations and feelings of The Speaker:

Mike Busch‏ @SpeakerBusch Jan 9

I am honored to be unanimously elected by the House of Delegates to serve as Speaker of the House. We will work to provide affordable health care, a world-class education, and wages that allow working men and women to provide for their families.

Mike Busch‏ @SpeakerBusch Jan 21 — Mike Busch Retweeted MD House Democrats

Martin Luther King Jr. inspired me to get involved in public service. Today, let’s take a step back and remember the values that we share, how we are all created equal, and that when we work together we can accomplish great things.

Mike Busch‏ @SpeakerBusch Jan 21

We as elected officials have to be examples, for tolerance, acceptance, and understanding. We must be examples for civil rights and equality. tonight I pledge myself to do that. The annual wreath laying is a constant reminder.

Mike Busch‏ @SpeakerBusch Feb 1

Today is National #WearRedDay - We are lucky to have so many women in the House of Delegates who represent every corner of our diverse state. This month, join the

@American_Heart to raise awareness about heart disease

Mike Busch‏ @SpeakerBusch Feb 12

Proud to present my good friend Speaker Pro Tem Adrienne Jones with the Cas Taylor Award for her dedication to public service and for representing the spirit of the House of Delegates

Mike Busch‏ @SpeakerBusch Feb 18

Our Democratic Leadership package speaks for itself. Strong support across the state for legislation to build a stronger middle class in Maryland

Mike Busch‏ @SpeakerBusch Feb 25

The oyster population is at a critical tipping point. This legislation is about protecting public investment and ensuring that the Chesapeake Bay can experience long term economic and ecological benefits

Mike Busch @SpeakerBusch Mar 18

Tonight two important gun safety bills passed the House of Delegates:

☑️ Background checks on all private rifle & shotgun transfers

☑️ 3D printed gun ban

Mike Busch‏ @SpeakerBusch Mar 26

I’m proud of what we have accomplished by passing this year’s state budget. It’s bipartisan, balanced, and with over $7 billion for public schools — it’s the most ever spent on education in Maryland

Mike Busch‏ @SpeakerBusch Mar 29

I want to thank my good friend, Speaker Pro-Tem Adrienne Jones, for taking the rostrum and guiding the House this week in my absence. I'll be back next week and look forward to seeing everyone

West Baltimore native, Regi Taylor is a married father of four. He is an artist, writer and media professional specializing in political history.