Rambling Rose: Happy Holidays To You And Your Family

Happy Holidays to my dear friends and fans from both me and my “Boo-Boo,” my husband and partner in crime “Shorty.” I just want to say that with all the negative stuff that’s going on in our hometown, we have twice as much to be grateful for— no matter what! I try to spend my energy on positive, fun and happy things in life. So, just follow my lead, just turn on some good music, lie back in your favorite chair, fix yourself your favorite beverage, whether it’s a cup of coffee or tea or a cocktail and enjoy.

Look my friends; life is too short to worry about something or someone you can’t control.


Jazz Expressways Foundation, Inc. will have the pleasure of giving scholarships to two deserving teenagers, Ebban & Ephraim Dorsey, at their SOLD OUT Jazz Expressways Pre-Christmas Jazz & Blues Breakfast on Saturday, December 14, 2019 at the New All Saints Roman Catholic Church on Liberty Heights Avenue. Greg Hatza ORGANization will be performing.

Girlfriend! I just celebrated my 75th birthday and I truly feel so blessed to have a half-way good health, a roof over my head and food in the refrigerator; shoes on my feet and feet to put the shoes on.

I also feel truly blessed that I have this column, my own column “Rambling Rose” for the past 32 years in this fantastic paper, Baltimore Times to be able to communicate with you in words and pictures and to talk to you about what’s going on every week in the Baltimore/Washington, DC Metropolitan area and surrounding counties in our communities and the entertainment world.

I enjoy talking to you about the folks in our community and their accomplishments, as well as about local musicians— keeping you up to date about their gigs, and letting you know when they need your prayers in hardship, sickness and death. I enjoy keeping you informed about the nightclub scene, social-events, concerts, plays and other entertainment.


Dee Brent & Signature Live with Effect Band is the headliner for Carlos Hutchins of CH Productions “Home for the Holidays” Event on Sunday, December 15 at the Forum Caterers, 4210 Primrose Avenue starting at 4 p.m. For more information, call 443-963-5711.

I am especially blessed to have a boss, the publisher of the Baltimore Times who allows me the space to do this; I am blessed to have the best fans and readers to keep my column “Rambling Rose” one of the most popular entertainment columnists on the East Coast.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and God willing, I am so looking forward to the New Year.

For my Christian and spiritual folks, “The 2019 Christian Writer’s Literary Festival” starts on Saturday, December 14 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at “The Garage” located 6 E. Lafayette Avenue in Baltimore— it’s free and open to the public and offers the opportunity for Christian authors to share their expertise, testimony and writing ministry in a setting that encourages and inspires Christian writers and Christian book lovers. For more information, call 800-929-1418.

The Peabody Jazz Composers Monthly Forum has partnered with An die Musik Live Jazz Club to bring together music education, creation and performance to the community in Baltimore and the DMV. This unique forum offers students the ability to showcase compositional techniques and collaboration, all inside an intimate venue where many of jazz’s greats have performed. Audiences have the opportunity to listen in on the creative processes of many of the most promising young artists today. Peabody Jazz and An die Musik Live host the Jazz Composers Forum in effort to give the next generation of jazz informed musicians creative and performance outlets like never before. On December 13, 2019 performing at the An die Musik will be John Lamkin III Trio with Regina Carter; on December 14 are Alan Blackman and Gary Thomas; on December 15 is Todd Simon Solo Jazz Piano Concert and “Roots Café Christmas Show with Karen Collins & Chris Ousley” and on December 16th the Dunbar Alumni Jazz Band Annual Duke Ellington Nutcracker Suite & much more. An die Musik is located at 409 N. Charles Street in Baltimore City.

Oh my goodness, Honey Child, I have ran out of space, I got to go, but if you need me, call me at 410-833-9474 or email me at rosapryor@aol.com. Or you can send your correspondence, photo, flyers & press release to 214 Conewood Road, Reisterstown, Maryland. UNTIL THE NEXT TIME, I’M MUSICALLY YOURS.