You Don’t Need A New Year To Get To A New You!

Let’s be really honest, how often do we neglect our New Year’s resolutions after January? Many times, we set resolutions but don’t know where to start. We get stuck and revert to old habits that aren’t helping us bloom into the best we can be.

Often, we are our own worst enemy by second-guessing, self-doubt and self-sabotage can get in the way of our success. We can try to blame others for our failures but sometimes we need to take a good look in the mirror and realize it may be ourselves.

Here are some of my tips on how to get to a better you, right now:

Break the Rules— How many times have we looked at job descriptions for jobs we really wanted, seen one qualification that we weren’t well-versed at, and told ourselves, “why even bother applying? I won’t get an interview.”

How many times have we worked with a co-worker or manager and asked ourselves, “How did they get this job? They aren’t qualified at all.”

Many of our counterparts go after these positions without hesitation— maybe it’s a result of their sense of privilege, but it’s also fearlessness.

Go for it. Make a list of everything that you haven’t accomplished because you felt you weren’t qualified, or that it wasn’t the right time to pursue it. Once you see an actual written listing of the missed opportunities and chances you passed up, it really puts things in perspective. Use the same list and pick something on it to go after, right now.

Self-Worth is Key— When you really think about it, why do we give OTHERS control or authority over our self-worth? It’s ours. Being fully transparent, you won’t find your self-worth in a day, a week or even a year. The journey can be long and is often emotionally painful, but it is necessary! I didn’t get the opportunities I wanted until I became a person that is ready to receive them.

While we are building our careers, taking care of our families, let’s remember our why and our worth.

Self-care is Not Selfish— Learn to say “no.” As women, we tend to think we have to do it all but really, we don’t. We tend to take on other's responsibilities and use that as the reason why we can’t pursue our own passions.

When I learned to start saying “no,” my life began to flourish.

You can’t build a career or business from an empty tank. You just can’t. Learn to balance your career duties and your personal time. Easier said than done, right?

If you don’t have a schedule or a daily plan, create one now. Career without self-care is a recipe for disaster.

How can you expect to be your best if your mind, body and soul aren’t in alignment?

You’re Your Biggest Investment— We’re quick to invest in material things that won’t help our personal growth, but not in the personal and/or professional development tools that will. Investments can take the form of both time and money.