Keeping Your Sanity: Getting Started in the Music Business, Part IV

This exposure to other forms of art isn't just important to musicians. I had an opportunity to catch up m.ello, a talented poet on tour in St. Petersburg, Florida, a few months ago. I asked her a very similar question to the one I asked Muhammad because I wanted to know how other art forms influenced her. This is what she had to say about the way music influences her poetry.

“Poetry and music are both about feeling something— anything. When I write, I write out of that internal movement, that same heavy feeling of a song, starting low, then ending with crescendo. There have been times where I hear the same chorus over and over in my head and I start singing it low in the kitchen, for example. Those words become a thread that finds it’s way gently from my heart, winding through my arms until it reaches the tips of my fingertips, electric. This is where I find a pen. This is where I scribble the lines until it becomes different, the shadow of a song. My heart, the generator will take the notes and flip them into poetry.”

So artists out there, the next time you see a movie, check out a painting or listen to song, do it with a purpose.

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