Breast Cancer Survivor Making A ScRUMtious Living


Ursula V. Battle

The Rum Cake Kitchen features cakes, mini cupcakes and pies. Watson says she is currently in the process of developing keto, vegan and gluten-free rum cakes.

“I tell women to make sure they get their annual mammogram, and if they feel something, go to the doctor to get it checked out. I am surprised by the number of people who feel a lump and ignore it. I ask them are they crazy. Time is of the essence because cancer spreads so quickly. I was very lucky. Mine was caught at stage one. It was treated with a lumpectomy and radiation.”

Watson, who says she regularly participates in breast cancer awareness events, is a native of Harlem, NY. She is the mother of three girls— a set of twin girls who are 30-years-of-age, and a 23-year-old daughter. She shared her “recipe” for success.

“Social media is very important for advertising and getting your ideas noticed,” she said. “People call me from New York, Texas and other places for rum cakes. You have to be consistent and engage your audience and respond back quickly. You can’t be lackadaisical because there is so much competition. Social media has taken my business to another level. It seems there are new opportunities every time I turn around.

“Never stop working towards your dreams. Stay positive and work hard. I also encourage women to make sure they get their annual mammograms.”

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