Governor Hogan Issues Proclamation To Postpone April 28 Primary, Implement Vote-By-Mail System To Fill 7th Congressional District Seat

Discussions Underway To Postpone Preakness Stakes Announces Plan to Convert Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program Stations to Drive-Thru Testing Centers Announces Proactive Measures to Maintain Essential Transportation Services, Restrict Access to BWI Terminal Reinforces CDC Guidelines to Stay Home and Limit Gatherings, Urges Citizens to Avoid Panic Buying

As part of another series of major actions to limit the spread of COVID-19 pandemic and maintain essential services, Governor Larry Hogan today issued a proclamation to officially postpone the April 28 primary election until June 2, and to move forward with the 7th Congressional District special general election as scheduled by implementing a vote-by-mail system.

“I have two main priorities—keeping Marylanders safe and protecting their constitutional right to vote,” said Governor Hogan. “I am directing the State Board of Elections to develop a comprehensive plan by April 3 to conduct the primary election in a way that protects public health and preserves the integrity of the democratic process in our state. While there are many valid reasons for unease and uncertainty right now, ensuring that the voices of Maryland citizens are heard shouldn’t be one of them.”


Governor Hogan Provides COVID-19 Update

The governor also announced that the state is in active discussions regarding postponement of the Preakness Stakes.

“I know that right now there is a lot of anxiety and stress out there—folks are worried about what lies ahead and how we will get through this,” said Governor Hogan. “We have seen the jarring images of empty streets in Italy and France, and we worry about our family members and loved ones, and about our own communities and neighborhoods. But I want Marylanders to know that if we continue to lead and work together—if we rely on and help each other—we will get through this.”

Below is a comprehensive list of announcements Governor Hogan made today:

PROCLAMATION TO POSTPONE APRIL 28 PRIMARY, IMPLEMENT VOTE-BY-MAIL SYSTEM FOR 7TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT SEAT: In order to protect public health and preserve the integrity of the democratic process, Governor Hogan has issued a proclamation postponing the April 28 primary to June 2. The State Board of Elections is directed to develop a comprehensive plan by April 3 for conducting the primary election in a way that maintains public confidence and trust while preserving public health and safety.

In addition, to ensure that Maryland has full representation in Congress during this crisis, the special general election for the 7th Congressional District will still occur on April 28, but the State Board of Elections is directed to implement a vote-by-mail system. Read the governor’s proclamation.

DISCUSSIONS TO POSTPONE THE PREAKNESS STAKES: Governor Hogan announced that the state is in active discussions to postpone the Preakness Stakes. This follows the announcement earlier today that the Kentucky Derby will not be held in May for the first time in 75 years.

REQUEST FOR EXTENSION OF FEDERAL REAL ID DEADLINE: Governor Hogan sent a letter to the Trump administration today on behalf of the nation’s governors to request an extension of the federal REAL ID deadline. Read the REAL ID letter.