Pandemic has not hindered Baltimore’s emerging fitness scene

Outside of the physical fitness component, B3X also promotes healthy eating and nutritional wellness. Hatten owns and runs the Legendary Wellness Cafe, a juice bar that will soon operate out of a physical location.

B3X has not only created an environment for Baltimoreans to better themselves physically and mentally, but has unified community members from all throughout the city.

“People love it. They love what we got going on, they love our aura, they love our energy, they love how people are being attracted to us... they can tell we’re passionate, they can tell we’re organic,” Hatten continued.

B3X is present on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and is in the process of developing a website and finding a physical location (gym or studio) to conduct daily workouts. The organization can be contacted at

Tavon Smith, another co-founder, has a role of planning B3X’s daily workouts. The personal trainer has a unique story of resilience as he overcame numerous obstacles on his way to becoming a fitness enthusiast.

A native of East Baltimore, Smith spent 15 years in and out of the criminal justice system and turned his life around to become a valuable asset in his community. He, along with his three colleagues, have given a great deal of energy and time to ensure their participants are empowered through fitness and wellness.

“Outside of the park and outside of working out, I just want that whole family feel when it comes to our community,” Hatten said. “I’m just trying to do my part in my community to make sure that everybody’s good and everybody’s growing in a positive way.”

Baltimore Bikers, an organization that promotes health and wellness in the Black community through cycling, was founded in May by pharmaceutical consultant Brian Henderson.

In only a few months of existence, the organization has seen exponential growth, attracting cyclists from throughout Baltimore City and surrounding areas. Baltimore Bikers has also fostered support and recognition from other notable biking groups in the area.

“Shortly after starting the group, you know with the popularity of it, me as the founder— I realized it was bigger than just people sharing rides,” Henderson said. “I realized at that moment, we needed to be more focused and hone in on health and wellness as African Americans.”

This upcoming Sunday, Sept. 13, Baltimore Bikers will host a family fun ride from 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. at Lake Montebello. More information can be found by visiting this link: U9i/